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Andreas König

Head of Naturopathic Practice

Naturopath, osteopath, physiotherapist
Focus: musculoskeletal system, pain therapy, metabolism, mitochondria

Andreas König is a sought-after private lecturer and member of the following associations:

  • BDH (Association of German Alternative Practitioners)
  • IGAF (International Society for Autonomous
  • Functional diagnostics and regulatory medicine)
  • DACH (German Academy for Chelation Therapy eV)
  • International Society for Oxygenation Therapy eV
  • VOD (Association of Osteopaths Germany)

We’re trying to help. And for this we also rely on natural healing methods. As a complex therapy at the next level or in close coordination with conventional medicine. We combine forms of therapy and thus bundle our and your strengths in order to achieve the best possible results for you.


Our osteopath and alternative practitioner Andreas König uses the following treatment methods, among others:

Food diagnostics

In the area of food intolerances, which seem to be increasing year after year, there is a difference between so-called immediate and delayed reactions. The patient can perceive an immediate reaction within a very short time through various symptoms (abdominal pain, flatulence, headache, tiredness, skin reactions, …) and accordingly avoid it independently. However, late reactions can occur with a time delay of up to 72 hours, which makes it almost impossible for the patient to identify the corresponding foods, which ultimately lead to symptoms such as irritable bowel, flatulence, fatigue, intestinal cramps, headaches, skin reactions and many more. being able to lead. Many patients report that sometimes they can tolerate food, but then no longer.

In these cases in particular, the test provides excellent guidance on the cause of the respective complaints.

The problematic foods are identified in the laboratory by means of blood tests and are also divided into different reaction levels (1-4). The higher the reaction level, the longer the food must be avoided. After a waiting period adapted to the strength of the reaction, the foods that tested positive may (at least for the most part) be consumed again. Only rarely do they have to be permanently avoided. The test includes a total of almost 300 foods (various types of nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, grains, dairy products (cow, sheep, goat)).

After the results are known, there is always an intensive (usually one-off) nutritional consultation so that the patient is motivated and well prepared to start the change in diet and then implement it successfully.

Alternative infusion therapy

The advantages of an infusion are obvious: Within a short time, a large amount of the respective infusion preparation can be made available in the patient’s body with maximum bioavailability.

As a result, the active ingredient can be made available to the body cells in a more concentrated manner and can accordingly be absorbed better and faster.

For example, if oral magnesium administration is unsuccessful in persistent (nocturnal) calf cramps, it is often sufficient to eliminate the cramps in the long term with just a few magnesium infusions.

The administration of amino acids, vitamins (especially vitamin C and B vitamins) and minerals serves on the one hand to compensate for deficiencies, but on the other hand also to detoxify the body tissues, to balance the acid-base balance, to support the immune system or to balance of the nervous system.

Special active ingredients such as curcumin (extract of the turmeric plant), which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiviral and antibacterial properties, glutathione (the most powerful cell detoxifier in the human body, important immunological effect) or alpha lipoic acid (anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic effect (diabetes), detoxification of mercury) Often used in this holistic concept for cell therapy / mitochondria therapy.

Regular infusion therapy can make a big difference in the quality of life, especially in the case of chronic diseases.

Cell symbiosis therapy

Improve power plants. And feel the energy.

The Cellsymbiosistherapie® according to Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer is used in the regeneration and protection of the mitochondrial function.

Dr. med. H. Kremer justifies the development of chronic diseases mainly in an increasing disturbance of the cell performance, which are controlled by their mitochondria.

These disorders can result from chronic inflammation, deficiencies or an increased need for amino acids, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and much more, exposure to heavy metals, nutritional disorders, immune deficiencies, chronic infections, stress, electrosmog, digestive tract disorders, etc.

Illnesses and health disorders that can develop as part of a permanent dysfunction of the mitochondrial function include:

Cancer, high blood pressure, viral infections, aging diseases, allergies, burn-out syndrome, circulatory disorders, arteriosclerosis, premature aging, immune deficiencies, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), neurodermatitis, psoriasis, autoimmune diseases (e.g. Hashimoto),

Neural therapy

In neural therapy, a local anesthetic (local anesthetic such as procaine) is injected into certain parts of the body for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

From a naturopathic point of view, the aim of this treatment is to positively influence certain reflex zones and disturbed body functions by means of injections into the skin (wheals). Above all, the vegetative nervous system usually benefits greatly from this, which can help to balance the psyche and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (part of the nervous system that is responsible for relaxation and regeneration).

The treatment can be done locally, for example to accelerate wound healing after an operation.

Local and systemic inflammations (e.g. spine, shoulder-neck region) are also reduced and the body is brought into regulation by relaxing the autonomic nervous system – the body’s self-healing powers are activated.

In addition, so-called interference fields are treated (especially scars), which can cause discomfort in other parts of the body. A cesarean section or appendix scar can be responsible for physical limitations such as headaches or lumbar spine problems.

With neural therapy, pain-relieving, blood circulation-promoting, nervous system-balancing and wound healing-promoting effects can be achieved.

Oxygen therapy / altitude training

In order to remain vital for a lifetime, the Cell metabolism of a human be healthy. The CELLGYM health concept is a gentle, non-invasive method for regenerating the entire organism.

The highly effective IHHT training stimulus in the body numerous biochemical processes for self-healing and regeneration cranked. The natural production of the body’s own coenzyme Q10, the key molecule for energy production in all cells, increases and the protection against oxidative stress increases. You can find detailed information about IHHT oxygen therapy on our own website IHHT oxygen therapy and cell training

papimi. Ion induction therapy

The smallest unit of independent healthy life is the cell. In a healthy environment, the healthy cell can absorb nutrients and convert them into energy. If the cell is damaged or weakened, it cannot work. This leads to inflammation, chronic pain and malfunctions and even dangerous changes – the causes of many long-term complaints and diseases.This is exactly where papimi comes in: weakened cells are strengthened and some dangerous cells are even broken down.Through a treatment with the ion induction device papimi, short magnetic impulses are fed to the body via a treatment applicator, which at least Penetrate 20 cm deep into the body. The metabolism of the cell is normalized again in a very short time. The cell regeneration thus enables the natural supply and discharge of vital substances and diseased cells can be rebuilt.

Bowel structure

Flora good. It’s all OK.

Our intestines, especially our intestinal mucosa and our intestinal flora, are responsible for many metabolic processes. If there are disturbances in the intestine, our metabolism and even our immune system are impaired.

Diseases such as diabetes can result from this.

These diseases can be treated effectively through a systematic structure of the intestine.

SIS - Super Inductive System

The technology is based on the effect of a focused induction field, which has a positive influence on human tissue. The therapeutic effects include pain relief, faster fracture healing, myorelaxation and stimulation, and joint mobilization.

Your first appointment with us

In order to offer you the best possible care, we invite every new patient to a 30-minute welcome appointment before the first treatment. Within half an hour you will be welcomed by our management, you will be shown our rooms and treatment options as well as an initial anamnesis interview. This gives you and our therapists more time for your treatment.

Please send us the digital Medical history before your first appointment by email or bring it with you, printed out and filled out.

We are here for you.