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Philipp Zehner

Sabrina Eckert
Head of running school

Carmen Rosa Pau
Head of personal training





Training is a systematic process in which quality always comes before quantity. For our guests we offer the best possible conditions to effectively regain, maintain and increase performance. For this, our sports scientists, therapists and personal trainers use not only their experience and knowledge, but also the most effective training systems.


This is a matter of course for us:

Detailed instruction and advice
Use of changing rooms and showers
Shower gel and care products in the changing rooms
Free water with and without flavor
Bundling our competencies
State-of-the-art training equipment
personal trainer
Regular events for members

train fairly – without a contract

next level is more than just a name. For us it is an attitude. That’s why we’re trying this for you best possible and fairest training experience to offer. Thanks to our modular structure, you only use and pay for what you want and need. If goals, requirements or needs change, you can add or remove modules at any time on a monthly basis. That is what we mean by fair play . In our basic tariff, in addition to cardio and functional training, you have already integrated muscle length training as an almost always necessary module. In addition, water, showers, etc. are available free of charge. Our team is always available for you.

We are happy to advise you when it comes to the targeted design of your training, recommend modules that make sense for you, or, if you wish, our personal trainers are at your side with advice and action.

Running and gait school

As the next level in Schweinfurt, we are the parent company of largest running school for athletes, children and patients in Europe . The concept developed by our owner Christian Hasler has become a fixture in German-speaking countries in recent years, as tens of thousands of people have learned to run painlessly, better and faster with the help of the running school.
In addition, is with Edgar Itt a former Olympic medal winner part of our team in the 4x 400m relay.

With the help of a biomechanical gait or running analysis, we uncover deficits, recognize potential and help you to optimize your movement pattern in just 6 training units.

Muscle length training with the flexx circuit

It is now known that the main cause of a lot of muscle and joint complaints is limited mobility. People sit an average of 9 hours a day, which ultimately changes the structures in the body negatively. Loss of mobility is often followed by loss of freedom from pain. With targeted muscle length training, this everyday problem can be effectively countered and it creates the prerequisites for targeted development of the head and body.

Muscle training with the EGYM strength machines

Our muscles are the organ of success in our body. Targeted muscle training protects before age Breakdown of muscles (sarcopenia) , which very often leads to significantly reduced quality of life and jointly responsible for most diseases is. When treating e.g. Diabetes and cancer can a special (eccentric) muscle training have a clearly positive effect on the therapy. And especially for ours Immune system, muscle training, through the release of myokines, is extremely important.

Spine training in the Milon circuit
skillcourt - cognitive and visual training

Our brain is for every voluntary movement in our body responsible . It decides which muscles are used when and with what intensity. Thus, a targeted training of the head and body is extremely important for our everyday life.
Skill court training:
– can reduce the risk of dementia by up to 48%,
– supports fall prevention
– Helps children concentrate better and longer, learn languages, solve math problems, think more logically and creatively, and is used in diagnoses such as ADD and ADHD.
– improves reaction times and the speed of action, which are extremely important in road traffic.
– That’s fun

Our owner Christian Hasler is the founder and managing director of movement concepts GmbH, which develops the skillcourt and most widespread system of its kind has made worldwide. In Schweinfurt, here at the next level, this system is developed, built and, of course, used for the training of our guests. Progress, innovation and the constant striving for improvement are not just empty words for us.

Functional training

The translation of individual exercises into complex movement sequences must also be an important part of a logical training process. Training must help improve important functions that are required in everyday life. This functional training, also known as “free” training, is very often given targeted guidance by our personal trainers.

Stanford Cooling
Infrared cabin and sauna

Our fair play tariff

Train from € 50.00.
Can be canceled monthly.

At the end of the lockdown, we start together. Get our new offer now. You just pay, for what you really need. Perfectly tailored to you.

You can add the following modules flexibly and fairly to your basic membership:

EGYM strength machines

Fully electronic and periodic strength training that uses tests to optimally control your training and, like a navigation device, brings you closer to your training goal. From our point of view, a must for everyone.

Milon spine concept

Targeted training concept for people with back pain. State-of-the-art medical devices that adjust automatically, fine-tune resistance and map physiologically optimized force curves. Probably the best you can do to your back.


Our brain is for every voluntary movement in our body responsible. It decides which muscles are used when and with what intensity. Thus, a targeted training of the head and body is extremely important for our everyday life.

Senso Pro

Sensopro was developed from 2008 by Kaspar Schmocker at the University of Bern. As part of his sports studies, he wanted to construct a device that enables coordination training under stress. With complex movements, gentle on the joints, easy and safe to use. Last but not least, training on this device should be fun and motivating.
This resulted in a comprehensive concept that focuses on the added value of coordination. In order to prevent injuries and improve performance, it is not only recommended for competitive athletes to train coordination under stress. Less ambitious exercisers also benefit enormously from it.

Stanford Cooling

Stanford Cooling is the practical and fast cold therapy that you can integrate flexibly and individually into your training plan. Using the palm of your hand, we can cool your body by up to 1.5 degrees Celsius in just two minutes and achieve great results in the area of fat burning and regeneration.

Personal training

Our qualified and committed personal trainers are at your side with advice and action. As a classic personal trainer, together with another member from the next level as partner training or in a small group.

SECA bioimpedance analysis

We have the latest generation of bioimpedance analysis scales from SECA.


In the entrance area, our members have personal compartments as storage space. There you can, for example. Training shoes are stored. The compartments can be locked with a door but cannot be locked with a lock.

Infrared cabin + sauna

On the first floor there is an infrared cabin, a Finnish sauna, a cold water shower and a relaxation area with loungers. Right next door you can change and shower in a separate room.

Protein shake option

For a monthly fee of 10.00 euros, you can get four protein shakes from our shake machine. You will then be charged for each additional shake at just 1.50 euros.

Hot drinks option

You can get four hot drinks of your choice from our coffee machine for 5.00 euros. You will then be charged for each additional hot drink at just EUR 1.00.

Performance Club training sessions

As a member of our training area, you can also book individual training units of 45 minutes in the next level.performance club. You can find detailed information about the Performance Club here in the next menu item.

Laundry service (price based on consumption)

When it comes to cleaning, we cooperate with the Ingrid Leimeister laundry. It enables you to have your laundry and towels cleaned by us. We would be happy to request an individual cleaning package according to your wishes.

Performance Club

For athletes for whom training is more than just staying fit. For those who want to get better and are ready to jump off plyoboxes, push sledges, carry bags, swing kettlebells, balance on straps, quickly change direction, concentrate, run and have fun at the same time !

What does membership in the Performance Club cost?

Membership in the Performance Club costs € 50.00 per month and includes four training units of 45 minutes each. Membership can be canceled on a monthly basis. Each additional training session per month is charged at € 10.00.

How does such a performance club course work?

A performance club course is intensive and demanding group training with a maximum of ten participants and a duration of at least 45 minutes under the guidance of a therapist or trainer. We build a circle with different units for endurance, strength and coordination and cognitive exercises. With motivating music, we create a unique training atmosphere and push the participants to their limits.

How many participants is that per course?

The number of participants is currently limited to 10 people.

When do the courses always take place?

We offer the following course times:
Mon / Wed / Fri at 6 p.m.
Tue / Thu at 7 p.m.
Sat at 11 a.m.

There are no courses on public holidays.

How can I make my course dates?

As a member of the next level.performance club, you get access to our app and can easily book your courses there. Alternatively, you can make appointments with our team in person or over the phone.

Who gives the courses?

The courses are held exclusively by our physiotherapists or our qualified trainers.

Increase your performance now

Performance Club from € 50.00.
Can be canceled monthly.

You can add the following modules to your training:

Infrared + sauna
Protein shake option
Hot drinks option



Stanford Cooling
Laundry service (price based on consumption)

Personal training

Training 100% tailored to you. Our personal trainers support you with training planning and with the workout itself. Motivating, correcting, planning, analyzing and empathizing are the most important skills that characterize our team around Carmen. They are there for you personally if you want to optimize your plan or if you need someone who will bring you closer to your goals in a targeted and fun way.

How long does a training session last?

Usually 30 minutes. That’s enough to do a great and effective workout after a warm-up. If you can’t get enough, after 60 minutes you will surely like to be in the shower.

Can you also share a personal trainer?

We also offer the possibility, for example. book one or more training sessions together as a married couple.

Can I choose my personal trainer?

Of course you can choose your personal trainer. Either according to personal preferences or sympathies or according to the respective training focus. We would be happy to advise you on the right choice.

How do I book my personal training?

You can easily book your personal training via our app, make an appointment with our colleagues at the fitness counter or fix the next appointment directly with your personal trainer.

Do the personal trainers also offer courses?

It is planned that our personal trainers will also offer small group courses on specific topics. We then publish this in the app, where you can also book free places directly.

How is the billing for the training done?

The fees for personal training as well as fees for small group training or courses are debited monthly with your membership fees.

Training videos

With our training videos from our two personal trainers, Sabrina and Carmen, you always have the opportunity to keep fit at home or while traveling and do not have to do without your “next”.

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Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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