The center for
Therapy and Training

The place to go for physical therapy, rehabilitation, naturopathic treatment and exercise.

next level.therapy- und training center

Floridastr. 3
97424 Schweinfurt
Tel.: 09721 – 29 23 830
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We are back!

Workout from 50€.
You decide. Every month.


Pain and injuries have different causes. Only when we have defined exactly what is causing your pain do we develop the perfect therapy concept for you.

Naturopathy practice

We rely on natural healing methods as a complex
therapy in our practice, gladly also in
cooperation with conventional medicine.

Competitive sports

For people who do not compromise
and who want the highest quality from a single source. And for everyone with the same expectation.


Trainers, therapists and sports
scientists are available to help people who want the best of and for themselves.

This is another reason why you should come to us:


We take health personally, provide honest advice and are passionate about what we do.


We leave nothing to chance and rely on the highest standards and optimal processes.


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we set new standards and think one step ahead.